Top Twilight News®, and ... What Would Bob Do?

It's the Web's largest bookstore without any books. specializes in new, used, hard-to-find and rare volumes. Hear how this retailer draws customers and generates revenue acting as a bibliophile middleman. And discover how one firm is making money from your lost items. provides hope for our misplaced gadgets - and the data they contain. Learn how they have become an online market leader. In this week's "What Would Bob Do," find out if picking up and relocating to a larger market is the key to spurring business growth., and … What Would Bob Do?

From ice cream to fireworks, gives an inside look into how most everything functions. Learn how a passion to understand turned into a successful business venture. And before you schedule your next doctor visit, check out This site is a source of reviews on doctors, hospitals and competitive prices for common medical procedures. Find out how they collect reviews, draw customers and create revenue. In this week's "What Would Bob Do," find out if taking on investors is a wise business move - or whether a loan is your best bet.

Classmates!, ... What Would Bob Do?

Do you ever wonder what happened to your high school friends? Or the girl you were too shy to ask to senior prom? Reconnect with your past at Discover how they became one of the most popular subscription-based sites on the Web. Also, learn the value of customer service in your business from, a simple premise turned into a one-stop resource for travel. Find out about our rising fuel prices and how to maximize your summer adventures. In this week's "What Would Bob Do" segment, Bob gives advice for entrepreneurs on Web site building when entering a high potential market.!, and ... What Would Bob Do? is a modern Internet success story, with tens of thousands of subscribers. Yet Woot® doesn't advertise and has just a few dedicated employees. Find out the secret behind Woot's entrepreneurial triumph. Also, Alcor® Life Extension Foundation is selling a shot at immortality. Find out how their Web site clears up myths about cryonics and brings them clients. In this week's "What Would Bob Do" segment, Bob weighs in on whether Better Business Bureau® or Chamber of Commerce memberships help generate online business.!, and…savvy Internet marketing tips!

Using the latest satellite imagery to shop for your next home! Obtain estimates; get a "birds-eye" view of the property AND save time otherwise spent driving around with a realtor at! Also FARK®, a four-lettered word for weird news --- it's strangely addictive and a nice break from the daily grind! delivers humor - while mainstream media provides the source. Plus! Back by popular demand, Rachel brings a STORM of savvy Internet marketing tips - use pay per clicks and the power of real-time advertising to maximize your budget!!,, and...What Would Bob Do?

Netflix has the answer to traditional DVD rentals - millions use the online service and save time doing it. Find out what made this idea so successful? Also, an online Encyclopedia FOR the people AND by the people - hear how you can help contribute to Wikipedia. Plus, go "Back to the Future" with -- antique firearm sales online! This gun store fires a bull's eye in cyberspace. In this week's "What Would Bob Do" segment, learn why getting seasonal with your Website pays dividends and how looking closely at all areas of your business is best.

YES @ Yale!,, and ... What Would Bob Do?

Only have a few minutes to impress a captive CEO? Hear the winning "Elevator Pitch" from Yale's Entrepreneurial Society®! Also, learn about hybrids and saving money without sacrificing the environment or your lifestyle -- Mother Earth News® shows us how. Then we take to the skies with AirTroductionsT -- whether finding romance or networking, it's a great way to make the most out of uncomfortable airplane seats and stale air. Plus, when to spend money on search engine placement and why failure can lead to success-- Bob answers more questions!

FTVLive!, and ... What Would Bob Do?

What happens when reporters want the inside scoop about their own industry BEFORE anyone else? They to go FTVLive! Find out how this labor of love translated into money for one intrepid newscaster. Then, fire, flood, theft and car accidents - do YOU know what your car has experienced? Find out the "real deal" on any used vehicle before you make the purchase, we take a ride with CARFAX. And, how to make "real" money in the virtual world of Bob talks about re-investing your profits and taking a business with curb appeal global!

JibJab parodies!, Zunafish and ... What Would Bob Do?

Take two brothers, one an MBA, the other an animator... mix in some political humor, sprinkle on some parodies -- it's all a recipe for JibJab! What caused this sensation? Who bought William Shatner's kidney stone and why? We enter the exciting world of online gambling with the one and only! Finally, everyone likes a great trade. There is a home for your old CD collection and it's called Zunafish! Bob gives advice on the merits of owning a business vs. sharing it with others. Finally, "should I stay or should I go"...the benefit of staying outside your comfort zone!

Web cameras!, the Smoking Gun and ... What Would Bob Do?

Who has 'The Smoking Gun®?" - we do! Hear the true story behind those revealing celebrity news stories. Then travel around the world in 'real time" from the comfort of your favorite chair - the popularity of web cams allows you to see events 1st-hand. And start multiplying your relationships online - with a safer way to share photos, videos & more w/family & friends! Have a great site but limited budget? Bob gives advice on how measuring the small things everyday can lead to great success. Finally, the ultimate question -- balancing a passion for work & family without compromise!