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Go Daddy Dethrones NetSol & Talks About the Dangers of DDOS, Worms & Viruses

Tonight, Bob announces that has become the No. 1 registrar worldwide -- both in terms of new domain registrations & domains under management. Learn how Go Daddy achieved this status in record time. Team Go Daddy explains worms, DDOS attacks & how YOU can protect yourself against zombies. You'll even hear about the most recent DDOS attack against! Along the way, Bob previews his new blog article, reads an angry customer's voicemail message & takes lots of calls!

New commercials, Candice, the Super Bowl's Final word & shady domain transfers

Bob previews Go Daddy's new commercials, "leaks" the identity of a future actor in our commercials & updates us on Candice, the Go Daddy girl. He then gives the FINAL WORD on our Super Bowl ad (with supporting statistics) and alerts YOU to shady domain transfers! Radio Go Daddy also introduces new features -- like LIVE CHAT! and FREE t-shirts for on air callers. Finally, on BOB & WARREN UNCENSORED: more really Strange Domains and the premier of "The Best and Worst of the Blog."

Bob tackles blog spamming, the 9th Circuit & premiers "Strange Domains"

The Go Daddy team discusses how you can protect yourself against a 9th Circuit ruling that says someone can add "sucks" to your trademarked domain -- and not violate your trademark. Bob calls Argentina for a LIVE ICANN update from Tim Ruiz, Go Daddy's ICANN representative, and discusses Go Daddy' latest efforts to overturn the NTIA's decision denying your right to privacy. Best of all: Bob premiers "Strange Domains" -- a new feature available only to LIVE stream listeners.

Our 1st show! The NTIA, your privacy rights & the controversy over

The inaugural launch of Radio Go Daddy, hosted by Go Daddy president & founder, Bob Parsons. In our premier show, Bob takes on the NTIA's recent decision to deny you of your Constitutional right to privacy. Bob also discusses the controversy over --- will the rabbit be saved? Bob gets Toby's owner on the line!

Einen wunderschönen Guten Morgen

Aus beruflichen und zeitlichen Gründen komme ich jetzt erst dazu Euch ein paar Bilder von meiner Weihnachtsproduktion zu zeigen.Deswegen konnte ich im Dezember auch nur kleine Gedichte und Wünsche äußern,damit ihr nicht denkt das ich verschollen gegangen bin.
Sofakissen für meinen Vater.
Material: Boston

Weste für meinen Schwiegervater.
Material von der Firma Oneline


[other] Happy birthday, Ashley Greene!