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"I know, they are the good guys. But come on, Dracula 1 and 2 are... creepy!"
Jacob Black
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NextMovie: Kristen & Rob auf Platz 3 der "20 Sexiest Screen Couples of 2011"

Die Liste aller gewählten Screen Couples könnt ihr euch auf NextMovie anschauen. Rob & Reese Witherspoon ('Water for Elephants') haben es auf Platz 15 und Taylor & Lily Collins ('Abduction') auf Platz 16 geschafft.

Breaking Dawn DVD/Blu-ray: US Cover + Special Features

Wir berichteten euch ja hier bereits, dass die DVD bzw. Blu-ray von "Breaking Dawn - Biss zum Ende der Nacht (Teil 1)" am 30.04.2012 in Deutschland erscheinen wird.

Someone Like You - the Jacob Black remix

So, 4tnz came out with this video a month ago, but I wouldn't post it because there is so much from Breaking Dawn part 1 in it and I know how many of you all didn't want to see anything before you took your seat in the theater. But, it is just too clever not to post!

Every time I hear Adele sing this now, I can't help but replace "out of the blue" with "out of the woods" ;)
Hope you enjoy it and hope you're getting to see Breaking Dawn part 1 this weekend.