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Planet Twilight is also available in English.
Planet Twilight gibt es auch auf English!

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Internet addicts & a female erotica entrepreneur! Plus, an ICANN update & SSL Primer!

Bob dives into the problem of Internet addiction with Paul Gallant, an expert in behavioral disorders. No, it's not a joke, and yes, it's a very real problem. Find out who's at risk. Then Bob showcases a leading multimedia entrepreneur in couples' erotica - Candida Royalle -- a woman who has made it in the adult industry on her own terms. Then Tim Ruiz checks in with the latest update on ICANN and .XXX domains. And because you asked for it -- Bob & Thumbs Adelman provide a primer on SSL certificates! Of course, there's Best of the Blog, Strange Domains & Weird News!

A Dutch plan to overhaul the 'net, Candice talks about Playboy & a guest bails before air time!

A packed show! Warren calls in from Vancouver to update us on a Dutch plan to overhaul the Internet . Candice Michelle calls in from LA the night before her Playboy photo shoot - w/breaking news that she'll grace the COVER of this legendary magazine. Our 3rd guest doesn't call in from anywhere - b/c she backed out minutes before air time! Find out why! (And yes, we covered the story without her!) Discover the advantages of personalized email from our very own email guru! Finally, there are shopping carts, sweaters knitted from dog hair, & sneakers for crossing the border!

Radio Go Daddy is LIVE from NY! From Marines to the Penthouse Executive Club to Black Friday!

Bob takes to the road, reading a 'Top 10' list of what he's thankful for (other than family, friends & health). Major Dave Andersen, USMC, Public Affairs, drops in to discuss his extraordinary career, from combat to 9/11 recovery efforts to how to embed 600+ media in Iraq. Then Bob discusses his trip to The Penthouse Executive Club, NYC's premier gentlemen's club. The club's manager -- and Entertainers Farrah & Avery stop by for a hot interview. Plus, smokin' holiday product reviews of the Video iPod & Xbox 360! And learn where to find the best Black Friday shopping deals on the 'net!

Breaking Internet News, 'PayPal 101' & LIVE interviews from Afghanistan and Qatar!

It's been decided -- the U.S. will retain control over the Internet! Learn WHY this is important & whether the battle is truly over. Then Jason Miner of PayPal provides a 'PayPal 101' tutorial -- and yes -- consumers & merchants ARE safe using PayPal! The wonders of modern technology allow Bob to speak LIVE with our military in Afghanistan & Qatar about medical miracles for Afghani citizens. And during the podcast, Bob offers sage advice on optimizing your website & improving search engine rankings! Oh yes, there's a drunk moose, a giant penguin, a love-sick giraffe & the iBuzz!

Happy Birthday USMC! America's toughest sheriff! Totally Traci LIVE in-studio!

WHOA! Can you believe this show? Bob previews Go Daddy's annual e-Card celebrating the US Marine Corps' 230th birthday! Then it's on to discuss various aspects of 'crime & punishment' with America's Toughest Sheriff - Arizona's own Joe Arpaio. Hear what Sheriff Joe has to say about Tent City, Chain Gangs, his Posse, & feeding inmates on a mere $.15/day. (Yes, 15 cents a day!) And best of all, the Radio Go Daddy staff surprises Bob with an in-house LIVE visit by Totally Traci! (Yes, we took pictures & we plan to post them). Finally, there's your life in dog years & people against milk!

Viva Las Vegas w/Mayor Goodman! Also, Blackberry Thumb, NFL technology & maximizing online ad $$$!

Bob leads off discussing 'Blackberry Thumb" with Warren 'Thumbs' Adelman. Find out if your email & text messaging addiction will lead to medical woes! Then Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman calls in to tell Bob the latest 'Sin City' happenings! Learn about 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", the future of topless dancing in casinos & more! And Mark Feller, IT Director for the AZ Cardinals, discusses how NFL teams use technology to prepare for each week's match-up. Finally, our 'other Go Daddy Girl", Rachel Storm, goes in-depth with Bob about how to maximize your eCommerce ad $$$$!

Mobile movies, 'Spy" printers, How to Get Smarter, & Doing eCommerce on the Web!

SO much to cover & SO little time! 'Mobisodes" are BIG overseas, but will they play in Peoria? Also, is your printer spying on you? Seth Schoen of the Electronic Frontier Foundation shares interesting & somewhat troubling news. The talk turns to flossing your brain, with Will Pearson, founder of MentalFloss.com. This 'brain mag' has built a loyal following - is its board game the next Trivial Pursuit®? Can a game show be far behind? Then Bob, 'Thumbs' Adelman & the 'sidekick' give a detailed primer on eCommerce. And, not to be outdone by D.C., Bob 'leaks" next week's celebrity guest!

Our 30th Show! The Perils of Internet Dating, Website Building 'Dos & Don'ts!'

We've made it to show # 30! Bob explores the good & the bad of internet dating. Our 1st guest is Grace Davis from Internet Probation & Parole Control - an organization whose software tracks the online activity of convicted felons on parole. And yes, these guys visit online dating sites! Then it's on to Kat & Totally Traci - they both met men online, but with very different outcomes! Finally, Bob chats with Herb Vest, CEO of True.com, the online dating site that screens all users! Finally, we learn some tips & tricks on web site design & hear about bachelors, fregans & toy destruction!

A drinking monkey, counterfeiters & technology, brain exercises & domain speculating!

Hear Bob's adventures during his ride-along with the Phoenix police - including the drinking monkey! Bob then interviews Dr. Joe Alexander, forensic document expert, about using technology to create counterfeit money, deeds & more - virtually any document is susceptible. Dr. Alexander was even an expert in a case involving handwriting on a truck-stop bathroom wall! Bob also explores brain exercises as a way to fight dementia. Wait, there's more! Learn the ins & outs of buying & selling domains on the secondary market (a/k/a speculating) & hear Bob's personal tips for picking a domain!

The debut of 'Car Wash - Uncut' - Battling Internet Giants & Shutting Down Domains!

The 'totally Internet" show! In response to ever-growing demand, Bob debuts Go Daddy's Internet-only version of Car Wash LIVE in Radio Go Daddy's chat room! Hear comments from Go Daddy customers, Totally Traci, Preston & Lili! Then Warren drops in to give us the lowdown on the jockeying amongst Microsoft, AOL, Google & Sun Microsystems - WHO will ultimately rule the 'net? Maybe none of them! And our own Network Abuse guy educates us about shutting down nefarious domains & websites. But leave room for Strange Domains & Weird News -- we have naked gardening, bad girls & the love boat!

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