Twilight-Torte von einem Fan gebacken

Mi, 03/02/2010 - 11:55 | by twilightnews

Above is a picture of the amazing fan made Twilight Saga cake made by our very own Spectra and another close friend of mine, Tina.

The actual cake was Red Velvet cake and the pieces on top (the chess pieces) were made of chocolate! And trust me, this cake was GOOD! I know this because it was my birthday cake they made me for my surprise party on Friday!

My actual Birthday is today (yes — I’m a ground hog baby!). I just want to openly say on here – thank you SO much Melanie (Spectra), Tina, and Chrissy for doing something so thoughtful and giving me a wonderful Birthday party! I love you guys! And I wanted to share the awesome cake with all of our readers, since we now have our own resident Twi cake maker .. she may be able to give you some tips haha

You can check out more pics of the New Moon/Twilight themed party after the break! (Including me and Jasper! haha)

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