The "Real" Founder of Facebook? & Ocho Cinco Joins the Cast

The "Real" Founder of Facebook? & Ocho Cinco Joins the Cast
While at Harvard, he built a social network which, according to a widely circulated e-mail, included a feature called "the Face Book." 6 months later his classmate, Mark Zuckerberg launched Web 2.0 phenomenon Facebook. Tune in as guest Aaron Greenspan explains his "houseSystem" network and discusses who really came
up with the idea for Facebook.

Go Daddy LIVE Takes Off & Ocho Cinco Touches Down, Promises a Go Daddy Dance

In a gridiron special featuring Cincinatti's most GoDaddy-esque resident, Nima & Bob inaugurate the show's new name -- Go Daddy LIVE. Pro Football's edgy and slightly inappropriate top entertainer, "Ocho Cinco" alias Cincinatti WR Chad Johnson -- chats with Bob about his antics, the charities close to his heart, the possibility of doing a Go Daddy end zone dance, and the HOT new Go Daddy commercials he just shot. In the Internet Files, Bob & Co dissect Microsoft's® stinging defeat at the hands of an EU court and discuss Google's® $30 million bounty for landing a rover on the moon.

English 101 With Grammar Girl, College Ball, Wascally Wabbits and Yet Another Zune Rant

It's the show that puts hip back into English grammar and revives Warren's former alias - "thumbs." Nima & Bob discuss Go Daddy setting up shop in the Mile-High City, followed by Bob's BIG announcement of Go Daddy's sponsorship of ESPN College Football. Grammar Girl stops by to share some "Quick & Dirty Tips" from her podcast and -- inspired by Barry Bonds' bashing of Hank Aaron's home run record -- teach us how to use the asterisk to its full effect.

Godaddying", Squidoo's New Take on Search & Trojans in Germany!

Our wordiest show ever adds a whole new lexicon to your life --- from "Godaddying" to "SquidWho." All-time favorite show guest, Seth Godin, returns to discuss his social network, Squidoo®, and why we should all become "Lensmasters" and donate our profits to charity. In the Internet Files, Brad rises from his couch to predict the end of social networking, while Bob & his expert panel discuss Apple's® golden touch, Bob's troublesome iPhone® text messaging and why Orkut®, despite its bizarre name, could soon rival Facebook® and Myspace®. Plus, Germans & Trojans & spies - oh my!

Twitter, Trivia & Exclusive Sturgis Video!

It's the show that never taps its toe in the bathroom. Bob is back to finally unveil the new name of your favorite Internet podcast--Go Daddy LIVE!--and reveals why, under different circumstances, his co-host might have been "Mandy" Jones. Next, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone explains how the mundane "away" IM status served as the inspiration for his Web 2.0 communications startup and discloses how it's caught on with at least two Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The Most Fabulous (And Pink) Life Online Ever!

It's the show that Bob's going to kick himself for missing. Nima and Atty Jones reveal why there's been a recent upswing in .TV domain name registrations to go along with the surging popularity of online video content -- and reveal the 1st question in our new "Super Fan" trivia contest.

Dirty Scottsdale's Nik Richie Live In Studio!

It's the show that parties every night and sleeps all day. Bob regales fill-in co-host Elizabeth Knight with tales from Sturgis and reveals why Go Daddy may be on the bench for this year's Super Bowl advertising blitz. Next, Bob welcomes creator Nik Richie and learns why a plan to just have a laugh at some "hot-lookin' broads" has turned into a Web site that's exploded in popularity and spawned a sister site targeting Sin City.

Water Gun Mayhem & Name This Show Contest Winner!

It's the show whose dossier is classified information. Nima and crew pick the winner of our much ballyhooed Name This Show Contest, explain why a bum tire took Danica out of contention this weekend at the Indy 400, and reveal how Warren was upstaged by Bob's dog Max during the recent AZ Humane Society telethon.

The World's Laziest Entrepreneur & .US Domain Breaking News!

It's the show that's looking for quotes but just can't find any. Bob puts the rumors to rest that he has plans to walk down the aisle next week in Sturgis and Warren outlines Go Daddy's plan to put sparkle back in the stars of the .US domain. Next, entrepreneur, author & blogger Fred Gratzon gets an "atta boy" from Bob for being Go Daddy material, learns why removing Warren's Blackberry passes for meditation around these parts, and discovers why nothing good happens for Bob after 10:00 PM.

Law & Order's Sam Waterston Meets Life Online!

It's the show that's not eligible to run for president but is mounting a massive write-in campaign anyway. Bob recounts Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick's first-turn woes that knocked her off the pace this weekend in Ohio. Next, actor and activist Sam Waterston discusses his role as spokesman for Unity08--a political organization using the Web to field a non-partisan presidential ticket for next year's election--and tells Bob why the two-party system has left the average American voter disenfranchised.

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