Name This Show Contest & Create Your Meosphere

It's the show whose meosphere is the envy of all other radio shows. Bob joins Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick in calling out Ed Carpenter for blocking during last weekend's Indy race and not making room for the ladies. Next, founder & CEO of Meosphere, Eric Eliason, explains how a trip to Brussels provided the inspiration for his list-crazy site and how an entirely new word was coined in the process.

Namibian Babies & Tracking Down Dr. Frank Luntz

It's the show that boasts listeners of every political affiliation--even Libertarians. Bob clears the air about his latest African safari blog post and points out that unlike Madonna & Angelina Jolie, no babies crossed his path. Next, political pollster, author & media darling Dr. Frank Luntz explains which presidential candidate is saying the right things, why he loves angry airline passengers & how the shortest path to a big raise might be incriminating photographs.

Bob's Back -- Tanned, Rested & Rearing to go!

It's the show we've all been waiting for - Bob's back baby and he's ready to roll. First up on our special holiday broadcast, Bob describes his recent travels and announces the winners to our "Where's Bob" contest. We then revisit Best of the Blog and Bob sets an international speed reading record going through this weeks Strange Domains. In the Internet Files - Find out what Warren did with his iPhone and hear Bob let loose on Google's archiving of your search information. Plus,'s annual Independence Day Holiday card.

Searching For The Big Guy & Dave Novak's eBay Selling Secrets

It's the show with first-hand knowledge that showers and iPhones don't mix. Our "Where in the World Is Bob" contest rolls on with a reading of the best, albeit incorrect, guesses so far--and the unveiling of a 3rd clue that will appeal to all you movie buffs. Next, 27-year-old entrepreneur Dave Novak tells us how his online selling strategies helped him escape life in a cubicle and why untapped eBay® markets still exist for those dedicated to finding them.

Where's Bob Clue #2 & HelloMetro's .MOBI Madness

It's the show whose instant gratification issues are being worked out with the help of a licensed therapist. Our "Where in the World Is Bob" contest entrants have yet to locate our wayward traveler, so we're reading the best guesses, repeating clue #1 & debuting clue #2. If you think you know the place, shoot us an email at Next, HelloMetro founder & CEO Clark Scott takes time out from his birthday to tell us why community is at the center of his company's online city guides & how their recent deployment of 600+ .MOBI sites went without a hitch.

New Show Time, Where In the World Is Bob & Rocky Mirza

We've moved to an earlier time slot and like it! founder and CEO Rocky Mirza joins us on the eve of his company's auction of England (yes, England!) to tell us how virtual properties are earning its owners real profits --- and why folks are registering virtual domain names. And in the Internet Files -- the outrage over an anti-Web 2.0 book, how Apple(R) let the privacy genie out of the bottle and why animals are more than man's best friend -- they're the basis for a new twist on an old technology.

Jason Calacanis (a/k/a Mr. Mahalo), Google Gears & Tech Lexicon!

It's a super-tight, new format for the show that hasn't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep since the late '70s. Web entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster & NYC marathoner Jason Calacanis tells us why Mahalo, his human-powered search engine, is bringing sanity to an industry gripped by SEO fever -- and even works in a shout-out to his favorite GD customer service rep. And in the Internet Files--why MySpace jokes are no laughing matter if you work for Wal-Mart. Plus, Where are Bob & Thumbs?

Indy Wrap-Up, RegisterFly Transfer & The #1 Chris on the Web

It's the show that's not after tougher standards, it's after some standards. Seriously, Bob tells us what the view is like from Indy's pit row and why the Andretti Green racing team serves up an outstanding pre-race peanut butter pie.

The Inside Track On Indy & Mr. Deity Goes Hollywood

It's the show whose religious affiliation is still up for grabs. Danica Patrick takes time out from Indy's Community Day to tell us why her pre-race eating routine would put a football linebacker's to shame. Next, Brian Dalton, from the hilarious "Mr. Deity" Web video series, drops in to explain why, despite its success, he still can't quit his day job along with pointing out the startling similarities between Bob and himself. And in the Internet Files-why Boomer's "nut huggers" unduly influenced tonight's sound clips.

Passionate Podcasting, Killer Rebranding & Those Crazy Canadians

It's the show whose brand isn't going anywhere. Podcasting forerunner Todd Cochrane dials in from the Big Apple to tell us how his social podcasting community Blubrry has already attracted over 1,200 podcasters since inception. Next, Mike McDerment, CEO of, explains how rebranding online can be murder and why Toronto is the city that really flips his switch. And in the Internet Files, we see a side of Warren hitherto kept under wraps --plus, will Microsoft one day raise the white flag in surrender to the open source community?

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