Indy Racers & Racy Models

It's the show that's not without a couple piercings of its own--but we can't tell you where. Danica Patrick takes a break from her Indy 500 prep to reveal her strategy for beating the boys in 2 weeks & why her racing suit comes clean with common household laundry detergent. Next, Missy Suicide explains how eschewing the advertisers helped streamline the publishing of her new Suicide Girls magazine--and why taxidermy is the perfect hobby for one of her models. And in the Internet Files--Uncle Al joins us to get to the bottom of who is responding to these tech surveys, anyway.

Making A Podcast Splash & Squelching A Digg User Revolt

It's the show that's always mixing business with pleasure, and tonight is no exception. Marshall Kirkpatrick of SplashCast tells why the best rich media player is one that goes "skinless." Next, we learn why this week's Digg® user revolt could make founder Kevin Rose a bigger hero than Spiderman. And in the Internet Files-hear why, when Bob hooked up his first 2400 baud modem, he thought it was the "cat's ass." Plus, a kick ass video! Take a peak behind when Bob chats w/founder Kevin Rose.

Diggnation joins Bob live - and the uproar over domain names seeking to profit from tragedy.

It's the show that asks the tough questions but doesn't wait around for the answers. Web pioneer Todd Cochrane explains why podcasting content already rivals that of TV & radio. Then Warren Adelman and Atty. Jones dissect the domain name speculation that invariably accompanies tragic events. And in the Internet Files, Kevin & Alex of Diggnation explain what happened to AOL's "garden experiment." Plus, our bonus What Would Bob Do video shows how to optimize your search engine marketing efforts.

Apple TV Analysis & World Champion Gaming

Our resident tech expert Charles "I Love Steve Jobs" Ludwick drops by to inform us as to whether Apple TV is worth a $400 HDMI cable and a new high-def TV. Next, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel tells us how he was in the right place at the right time to become a professional gamer and industry-leading entrepreneur. And in the Internet Files-why, if Sanjaya's American Idol run comes to an end, he can always model for our very own Christine Jones.

Sit on Justin's Head & Pick Seth Godin's Brain

It's the show that knows the difference between a Dip and the dreaded Cul-De-Sac. Justin Kan of leads off the show--explaining how strapping a camera to his head 24/7 has impacted his love life. Next, author & Web guru Seth Godin previews his forthcoming book The Dip . And in the Internet Files-why Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff is lobbying for mandatory body piercing in middle schools. Plus, What Would Bob Do makes its video debut--solving an age-old Web site dilemma with a fresh, new approach.

From Runways to Hellways to Lattes

It's the show that struts down the catwalk in a tight tank top. First, Marisa Peck, Go Daddy Girl Scottsdale, hooks up with Bob to explain why growing up she played sports & her brothers played with dolls. Next, "Pacific Coast Hellway" podcaster MYN discusses the success of his podcast & tells why it's a good idea to have an empty Snapple® bottle on hand. And in the Internet Files--why so many domain registrars are up on the block. Our bonus video is part two of the hottest Go Daddy Girl contest yet!

Go Daddy Girl Daytona Beach, a New Format & Scorching Video!

Bob debuts the new format with a show-stoppin interview with Go Daddy Girl Daytona Beach, Lara Haworth! This contest winner is never at a loss for words & shows that she's attractive, smart & funny -- the total package. Atty Jones drops in to offer insight into everything from a million $$$ laptop to the third -- and hopefully final -- round of the .XXX extension. And if you couldn't make it to the Go Daddy Girl Scottsdale contest, don't despair! We've been up all night so you don't miss one moment.

Our 1st videocast! New phone technology you can use & productivity tips!

Another Go Daddy Girl contest & Bob's BIG announcement! Attorney Jones drops in to discuss RegisterFly's options in view of its decreditation -- and GrandCentral CEO Craig Walker talks about his new streamlined phone service that everyone can use. Then, best-selling author David Allen takes us to the happy place where great ideas are born. Plus, why CEO blogs need to bring the hot sauce or not show up at all. BONUS: Watch smoking hot footage from the Go Daddy Girl Daytona Beach contest!

Avoid RegisterFly®, make millions online, play golf

It's the show that helps you become an online millionaire just so you can turn around and play golf every day. First, Jeff Johnson joins the RegisterFly scandal discussion to shed light on the gender of those company personal escorts. Then Bob has Scott Fox, author of "Internet Riches," explain how you can dip your pan in the inviting waters of today's Internet gold rush. Brett Darrow, CEO, reveals how he's managed to sell $47 million of other people's golf tee time inventory. And in the Internet Files-how push-ups are replacing online porn for China's Internet-addicted youth.

Roaring engines, Go Daddy Girls & land-speed records, all live from Bike Week 2007!

This show's worth driving across country in a chopper for. Live from the Broken Spoke Saloon in the middle of Bike Week 2007, Go Daddy Girls Candice Michelle & Valerie Thompson join Bob to talk wrestling, drag racing & what it's like to be along for the ride when Go Daddy rolls. The results are in and Go Daddy Girl - Daytona Beach - 2007 has been crowned. Lara may be from Cleveland but she can really heat things up. Did this Go Daddy Girl actually enter the contest on a whim? And, Jay Allen sits down to talk about his Broken Spoke Saloon and how he's going to break 200 MPH on his latest bike.

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