Big Bucks in Gaming, Guessing -- Not Betting -- on Sports and Bob's Tips

Consumers spend $8 billion annually on video games. The founder of talks about gamers and how businesses can tap into this huge market. Gamers aren't who you might expect -- girls and adults are playing more than ever. And from gamers to games -- we hear from the founder of about why his customers are paying to get advice on who will win the big game. For fun, bragging rights or other "endeavors," we hear how this site is reaching men by connecting sports and ego. Plus, Bob helps a landscaper mow down competitors through superior service, in What Would Bob Do.

The Business of Blogging, How Charity Helps Companies and Media Accuracy

Find out how a CEO blog can help your company connect with customers - and fend off bad PR. The founder of the Blog Business Summit tells us why companies should focus on providing a "customer benefit" via a blog. Charity can help businesses - and not just at tax time. The executive director of talks about the benefits of entrepreneurs supporting nonprofits and how charities can be vetted for financial prudence. In Strange Domains, we find out about a man tracking the errors of the world's media at Plus: Best of the Blog and a classic What Would Bob Do.'s Bargain Hunt, Filling Up with GasBuddy and Big Blog Bucks has created a new way to help shoppers research, find and buy both online and in local stores. Hear how a veteran entrepreneur shunned retirement to launch this new venture and why every online business should be looking beyond English-speaking markets. At Federated Media' they're working to make blogging pay. Find out why companies are bravely entering blog advertising and what makes a blog attractive to marketers. In Strange Domains, GasBuddy helps you get a good deal at the pump. Plus: Best of the Blog and What Would Bob Do. Bob's office furniture isn't what you might expect., and Bob in the Arctic

Weathering the dot-com bust by being careful with cash, the serial entrepreneurs at® have created a successful business producing creative products for innovators. Find out this CEO's tips for starting a new business and learn which match he wants to see in the upcoming presidential election. The editor of tells us how NOT being connected to the world of sports gives this Gawker Media site more credibility with readers. Plus, hear about Bob's adventure in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Thinking of heading to the frozen north for a trek - then tune in to Bob!

Meet Our New, RACY GoDaddy Girl -- Danica Patrick!

In an up close and personal interview, Bob chats with racing star Danica Patrick. Find out how family supports her competitive spirit and why she is excited to become a Go Daddy Girl. Danica tells Bob that she's "sick of not winning" and pledges that her new team will make the difference. In the Internet Files' -- Bob, Rachel Storm, Candice Michelle and "Thumbs" Adelman talk about Go Daddy's new sponsorship of Danica, their latest projects and update you on news affecting the Internet industry. Hear about Candice's upcoming photo spread and why Bob wants the U.S. to retain control over ICANN.

Evangelism with Guy Kawasaki, Don't Date Him Girl and Domain Trends

From Apple® evangelist to author, Guy Kawasaki talks about how entrepreneurs can get ahead. Learn about "The Art of the Start" and tips for making winning VC pitches. Plus, Tasha Joseph has turned tales of bad dates into a thriving business with Find out how she has cultivated a fan base, why online romance is so popular and how she protects her business from legal challenges. And in the Internet Files' -- Bob and "Thumbs" Adelman delve into the latest domain industry trends. Did you know 70% of people online don't speak English?

Biz Ads with ValueClick, Blackboard's Learning Revolution … and Bob on Skates

Elusive online customers get snagged by ValueClick&reg Media's advertisements. Hear how businesses can attract visitors and generate sales through impactful online ads - without going broke or using adware. Plus: They get hit with criticism for it, but Blackboard&reg is aggressive about protecting its future by filing patents. Find out how high-tech learning is sold to low-tech educators and why e-learning is fueling changes in education. In this week's "What Would Bob Do," Bob helps a skate-master create a customer-targeted Web site., ... and What Would Bob Do?

When a ring shopper got frustrated, he created a successful new venture selling jewelry on the Internet with Find out how customers - and investors - respond to gem sales online and why competitors are so angry with Blue Nile. Plus: Students and parents get an opportunity to grade educators. has received its share of criticism, but the site is generating positive returns for its founders based on strong interest from advertisers. In this week's "What Would Bob Do," Bob recommends strategies for an entrepreneur to launch a new business Web site.

James Altucher,, Warren Adelman....What Would Bob Do?

Financial writer James Altucher discusses the tech market, the IPO process and what most Wall Street writers don't tell you. Plus: Learn how Indeed® took an idea, developed a unique service & turned it into the leading search engine for open jobs. Hear Bob's view on all the current Go Daddy IPO media attention. And during the Podcast, Warren Adelman, President of Go Daddy, joins Bob to talk about the latest news concerning acquisitions of domain name registrars. Finally, in this week's "What Would Bob Do," Bob advises an entrepreneur on navigating a joint venture., What Would Bob Do?

The quest to protect the face of a wrist watch led an entrepreneur on a search for solutions. Learn how Shield-Zone perfected a military-grade film for consumers and took advantage of an emerging market aimed at protecting handheld devices. Plus: Is the Internet "going to the dogs?" An entrepreneur looking for untapped markets found it with Hear how this successful innovator focused on a user base, integrated advertising within the site and controlled costs to build a profitable start-up. In this week's "What Would Bob Do," Bob helps a listener deal with seasonal sales declines.

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