Super Bowl wrap-up, more on ICANN's .COM decision & entrepreneurship at its finest!

It's Show # 50! Bob reads the final Super Bowl stats & Candice calls-in live from NY! Then Bruce Schneier, a leading Internet CTO, fills us in on mock cyber attacks! Well, it's a week later -- do we know anymore about the bizarre approval of the .COM Registry Agreement? Attorney Jones tries to decipher recent statements by ICANN Board Members. Does she succeed? For the 1/2 podcast, Bob goes one-on-one with in-studio guests Rich & Jeff Sloan of - leading entrepreneurs and authors who tell us exactly how to start a business!

All things ICANN. Find out all the details of the raw deal that went down with ICANN and VeriSign. Plus all you need to know about Credit Cards shopping for your Cyber Store and our usual features.

ICANN and You Can't. A new agreement has been reached with ICANN and VeriSign that rocked the .COM world. The GoDaddy brain trust is in the studio to spell it out. It takes the whole show and the Best of the Blog. Think you're not affected? Think again. The Extended Podcast looks at all that you need to know to add credit card shopping privileges to your cyber store. Strange Domains and Weird News round out the festivities for Show #49 of Radio Go Daddy.

Online Privacy; US Companies fighting freedom in China; Your Car as iPod(r) accessory

How private is your private online life? Not Very! Hear Bob talk with Dr. Sandy Askland from ASU's College of Law. Lucie Morillon from Reporters with out Borders just testified before Congress about US companies helping to squelch freedom in China-an international disgrace. Lucy joins Bob in the second half. Finally in our extended Podcast a rowdy time with Edmunds. COM's Road Test Editor, Brian Mooney talking car 'tech' and more! Great Weird news, new production elements in Strange Domains and more!

Bad news from ICANN. Plus Paid For Email! & Mega issue if you take credit cards online and more!

The price of domain registration just may be going up. Go Daddy is not letting this happen without a fight. The fireworks start with our guest, Tim Ruiz. Goodmail Systems bypass all your spam filters and deliver bulk email to your mailbox. Is free email coming to an end? Our guest is the President of Goodmail and makes his case with Bob and David double teaming him with questions. A MEGA security issue you MUST know about if you take credit cards online you MUST be PCI compliant or face the consequences.

The Last Word on Super Bowl® XL - plus some new words on VD!

Well, Super Bowl® Sunday came and went - so what's the final verdict? Bob & company examine the results and whether it was worth it! And hear from Booth Coleman - Candice's 'foil' in the ad! Then Bob gets serious about VD - that's Valentine's Day folks…..with a most unusual set of 'dos and don'ts' that we bet you've never heard anywhere else. Of course, if those fail, James Hong will tell you how to save yourself at If things are really bad, you can always sign up for 'the list to go." Finally, learn about newsgroups and forums!

A jam-packed show! The news conference! Down to the wire on our Super Bowl® ad! Candice is here!

Could the anticipation be any greater w/4 days until the Big Game? At air time, there was no approval - but then, no rejection, either! Bob brings us all up to date on the very latest. And CANDICE is in-studio! Atty Jones drops in to explain the different content standards that apply to commercials vs. TV shows. Then our own LisaAnn tells how to find out what's being said about your business online - you MUST know! And check out the rough cuts that didn't get approved. Oh, Bob has a "Saxon moment" in honor of Warren!

The clock is ticking on Go Daddy's Super Bowl® ad - will we be benched or be in the starting line-up?

Bob updates us on the media frenzy surrounding the status of our commercial - and Totally Traci reviews 'Window Washer!" Fred Marshall returns to dedicate a special 'camkaraoke" song to Bob - who then tracks down Marc Rhatigan, the creative force behind Go Daddy's commercials. Marc & Bob discuss the growing trend of 'internet-only ads" and exactly how many times Candice was raised and lowered on the scaffold! Finally, Attorney Jones drops in for a riveting legal discourse - why DOES Google cooperate with China, but not the U.S.? Why would anyone sell for a mere $12 million?

A Big Game revelation! Men, women and the 'net - plus, the King of Internet karaoke!

Bob leaks a new Super Bowl revelation -- we don't dare print it here! And, 'Men are from Google, Women are from Yahoo" - according to Deb Fallows, senior research fellow at The Pew Internet Project. Learn how men are more 'intense" about their Internet usage than women - and other online differences between the sexes! Finally, the illustrious Fred Marshall, the King of CamKaraoke, performs 'Your Love" - LIVE! If you can't get enough of Fred don't worry - he'll be back next week! Thumbs Adelman gives the low-down on TiVo. Plus, coffee beans processed in a most unusual way...

Online confessions, an update on our Super Bowl commercial, & viewing the Big Game in Hi-Def!

Bob interviews NY Times' Best Selling Author, Frank Warren, the guiding force behind -- a thought-provoking site showcasing individuals' anonymous - and deepest secrets. Then it's Super Bowl update time - with special guest Dr. John Craft (Walter Cronkite School of Journalism) discussing Go Daddy's ad approval dilemma. And, hear about Bob's upcoming appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box! Finally, Wayne Thayer clears up all the confusion about the latest TV technology, and explains the best way to watch the Big Game in Hi-Def!

A new year! A new show! Non-English Domains, the invasion of Fallujah & Bob's BIG ad news!

We're off to a rockin' start! Tim Ruiz explains the ruckus over non-English domains. Think this isn't a big deal? Well, think again - hear why the repercussions are huge. Bob interviews USMC Reservist Charles Fletcher, who was on the ground when the Marines pushed into Fallujah. Hear about it from someone who lived it! Then Bob breaks BIG news about Go Daddy's ad during the upcoming NFC Wildcard game! Atty Jones concludes her Legal 101 seminar on issues you need to know about if you're on the web - including copyright & trademark! Finally, we end w/a 'mooving" story - and a blowhole…

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