Our 30th Show! The Perils of Internet Dating, Website Building 'Dos & Don'ts!'

We've made it to show # 30! Bob explores the good & the bad of internet dating. Our 1st guest is Grace Davis from Internet Probation & Parole Control - an organization whose software tracks the online activity of convicted felons on parole. And yes, these guys visit online dating sites! Then it's on to Kat & Totally Traci - they both met men online, but with very different outcomes! Finally, Bob chats with Herb Vest, CEO of True.com, the online dating site that screens all users! Finally, we learn some tips & tricks on web site design & hear about bachelors, fregans & toy destruction!

A drinking monkey, counterfeiters & technology, brain exercises & domain speculating!

Hear Bob's adventures during his ride-along with the Phoenix police - including the drinking monkey! Bob then interviews Dr. Joe Alexander, forensic document expert, about using technology to create counterfeit money, deeds & more - virtually any document is susceptible. Dr. Alexander was even an expert in a case involving handwriting on a truck-stop bathroom wall! Bob also explores brain exercises as a way to fight dementia. Wait, there's more! Learn the ins & outs of buying & selling domains on the secondary market (a/k/a speculating) & hear Bob's personal tips for picking a domain!

The debut of 'Car Wash - Uncut' - Battling Internet Giants & Shutting Down Domains!

The 'totally Internet" show! In response to ever-growing demand, Bob debuts Go Daddy's Internet-only version of Car Wash LIVE in Radio Go Daddy's chat room! Hear comments from Go Daddy customers, Totally Traci, Preston & Lili! Then Warren drops in to give us the lowdown on the jockeying amongst Microsoft, AOL, Google & Sun Microsystems - WHO will ultimately rule the 'net? Maybe none of them! And our own Network Abuse guy educates us about shutting down nefarious domains & websites. But leave room for Strange Domains & Weird News -- we have naked gardening, bad girls & the love boat!

The 'A" show - from 'Authors" to 'Afghanistan" to 'Ass-saving" to 'Anti-magnets"!

Truly a class 'A" show! Lincoln Child and Bob have a blast discussing his books, how he gets ideas, and great 'behind-the-scenes" stories of his authorship. Then Lt. Patrick Sullivan, U.S. Army, calls Bob from half-way around the world - Afghanistan! Hear first-hand about the military's success in building 'The Road to Kandahar" --- you won't hear about it in the mainstream media, that's for sure! Then Bob briefly explores the impending problem presented by expanding Daylight Savings Time in 2007. Will you be ready? But wait - there's so much more - especially in tonight's Weird News!

Go Daddy's newest commercials, 'Totally Traci" and the newest scam weapon - Splogging!

What a show! Bob gets Candice Michelle on the phone to discuss her latest Go Daddy commercials - 'Car Wash" and 'Art Class." So are these commercials 'too hot for prime time?" Will Bob EVER reveal the Internet-only version of 'Car Wash" that he's keeping under lock and key? Only Bob knows for sure! Then Ben Butler, Go Daddy's own Network Abuse Administrator - and Spamurai Warrior -- joins Bob in-studio to explain Splogging - the latest in the scammer's arsenal of dirty tricks. And, Bob introduces us to 'Totally Traci" - entrepreuer, web designer, thespian, clown and so much more!

Our 25th show! What John D. Rockefeller & Go Daddy have in common, and the rise of digital thugs!

It's Radio Go Daddy's 25th show, and we're going strong! Bob & Dr. Darwin Stapleton, from The Rockefeller Archive Center, discuss John D. Rockefeller's business methods and practices, many of which still hold true over a century later! Then Bob explores 'digital thugs" with Scott Larson, Managing Director of a leading cyber-crime response company. Hear how an extortionist almost took down a famous patent firm. And only during our 25th show would you hear about the World Testicular Cooking Championships & how many cats you need to make diesel fuel in Germany. You can't make this stuff up!

Looting & violence in New Orleans, and a first-hand account from an AmeriCares relief worker!

Hurricane Katrina destroyed more than just homes - it destroyed the social order. Bob interviews Dr. 'Hank" Fischer, a leading sociologist who claims that the crime & looting in New Orleans was an anomaly overplayed by the media. Do you agree? Bob also gets an AmeriCares relief worker on the phone LIVE from Mississippi; Brian Hoyer tells how people who have 'lost everything'-- haven't lost hope. And on tonight's Weird News, Bob covers everything from pushy Indian eunuchs to bungling Austrian thieves, and discusses startling British research that claims men no longer prefer blondes...

The ultimate security show! Experts abound! The "Other" Go Daddy Girl!

The show of shows! Dave Jevans, of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, picks up where he left off & explains "crimeware" -- the phishers' latest tactic to dupe you. Then hacker-turned-good-guy (and best-selling author) KEVIN MITNICK discusses the increasing popularity -- and dangers of WI-FI access. Hard to believe, but even Kevin had his personal information compromised -- so make sure it doesn't happen to you! And, we meet the "other" Go Daddy Girl -- Rachel Storm (complete with her own custom sound effect!) Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without the UFO Freeway & Strange Domains!

"Armageddon!" The scoop on Windows Vista, hotel heaven & hotel hell, and .XXX is back!

Windows Vista is coming! Just how big a deal is it? Well, Warren got his hands on an advance copy & tells Bob what's new and hot about Microsoft's biggest launch since Windows XP! Bob interviews Marc Johnson, a Go Daddy customer who built www.hotelchatter.com - read hotel reviews from 'real people' about the places you should stay at -- and the ones you should avoid. And it isn't over -- Bob updates us on the resurgence of the .XXX domain battle. Plus, 'Armageddon', the 'iron grip' & an unusual library 'check-out' policy..you gotta hear these!

Wow! eBaumsworld.com, keeping U.S. troops cool, "smoke & mirrors", and new phishing scares!

Learn how eBaum's World grew from a small cult site into one of the most popular sites on the 'Net when Bob interviews COO Jason Martorano. Then Bob covers a "cool" charity - Cool Our Troops.com -- and proceeds to donate $12,000 to the organization! Dave Jevans, head of the Anti-Phishing Working Group briefs Bob about the latest crimeware & spear-phishing scams. Plus, Bob sets the record straight on NetSol's misinformation. And lest we forget, there's a postman, a rocketman & and a barking man!

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