Our 20th Show! Sex therapy on the 'net, car viruses, hot advances in medical technology & On Combat!

What a lineup for our 20th show! Bob interviews Dr. Patti Britton, Certified Clinical Sexologist & founder of www.yoursexcoach.com, about the popularity of online sexual coaching! Then, Bob explores car computer viruses & warns about the Car Whisperer! Bob discusses cool advances in medical technology with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tony Tyler -- such as "wired" hospitals & online databases of patient medical records. Plus, Bob's recommendation for On Combat & celebrity ducks!

Hot robotics, money laundering mules -- and Sen. Frist & the stem cell debate.

Are robots taking over your daily life? Bob covers the latest robotic trends, from domestics that clean your floor, to female androids & bionic knees! Bob interviews Paul Luehr, former US Atty, who discusses the connection between the Russian mob & black mules. Then Bob explores how stem cell research might have helped Christopher Reeve, with reknown expert, Dr. Andrew Yeager. Plus, 'dumb Texas laws,' a cursing Macaw, & safety tips -- such as don't use a vacuum to siphon gas!

Making it big in the restaurant biz, how to beat a casino, a wild diving story.

Bob talks with Dennis Mastro and learns how he made it big in the restaurant biz. Michael Shackleford, the wizard of odds and author of Gambling 102 tells you the best way to beat casinos. Bob interviews Tim Zimmerman, who relays the incredible story of Dave Shaw's last deep sea dive (889 feet!). Plus Strange Domains and some really wierd news -- like a brown bear who has learned to knock on doors to get into houses.

Control of the 'net, technology making your kids heavy, mules & anorexia sites!

Bob tackles Internet control -- will the U.S. or U.N. prevail? And is technology making your child overweight? Get the facts first-hand from expert Dr. Melinda Sothern. Then, Lizzy, the creator of a 'pro-ana' site, tells her personal story to Bob. Avoid becoming a black market mule & hear a tale from the deep (scuba-diving). As for the podcast - it's a blast! There's the Vaseline Man, an update on the outhouse guy & a different type of 'horse' story!

Outrageous! Darwin Awards, Author of "The Loch", .MOBI & Go Daddy Girls!

Tonight, the Radio Go Daddy team learns about .MOBI - the future of web sites on cell phones! Then it's on to the best Darwin Award stories ever! There's a wild discussion about the Loch Ness monster with Steve Alten, author of The Loch & more! Finally, Bob discusses feedback on the Go Daddy Girls idea. Will he or won't he? And the podcast has some pretty weird news - spitters, robbers & killer cows - yes, killer cows.

The 4th of July, Internet Gambling, Bob's Mom, Save Toby, Candice & More!

What a lineup! So much to say & so little time! Bob leads off with July 4th facts & internet gambling. He even calls a gambling expert - his mom! The team addresses Toby's 'stay of execution' and gets one of Toby's owners on the line. Before you know it, Candice Michelle calls in & updates us on the latest, and Bob 'wraps up' with the Supreme Court's file share ruling. Best yet, the extra half hour of Weird News covers men in toilets, cremation, and Sweden's new "skirt" law!

Good night eBay? Google ranking secrets, XM & the military, and a movie prophet!

On tonight's show, Bob exposes the secrets of Google site ranking, and why people are leaving eBay due to high costs & other issues. Our movie prophet, David Mumpower, discusses rating movies before they open at the box office. Bob talks about a site devoted to a wounded U.S. Soldier, and the military's intention to use XM radio. The live podcast covers Iraq's TLD, the Timber Mafia, pennies & Nima's favorite word (not really)!

WOWZA! Adult Film Star Ashton Moore, Credit Card Hacking & TV show downloading!

An outta-this-world show! Bob takes on the allegation that Go Daddy will support pornography when it sells .XXX. We then hear a unique perspective about .XXX and the porn industry from the one and only Ashton Moore, adult film star. But there's lots more -- credit card hacking, why downloading tv shows for non-personal use is illegal, Special Guest Bill Hely, author of Hacker's Nightmare and a 'Strange Domain" about camels!

Our "ET" Show w/Prophet Yahweh, "Zeta Nancy" & the latest internet happenings!

An out-of-this-world lineup. Prophet Yahweh talks about summoning UFOs, while Zeta Nancy tells us what the "Zetas" are thinking -- and if they listen to Radio Go Daddy! Bob takes a serious turn though, discussing Internet 2 -- faster than a speeding bullet, WIFI access on airplanes and his thoughts on the real estate bubble. And our extra 30 minute podcast segment discusses blogging discrimination, phishing, what Warren saw in Costa Rica & more!

"Freakonomics" co-author, Stephen Dubner, Urban Legends, & .XXX domains!

The podcast starts with Strange Domains - voodoo potions, bizarre art & more! Bob then goes 'one-on-one' w/Stephen Dubner, co-author of best selling Freakonomics. They cover interesting economic theories, including online dating, Roe v. Wade's impact on the crime rate & monkey sex! Yes, you read correctly. Then there are .XXX domains, the Chinese & so much more the podcast was extended an extra 30 minutes!

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