E! Online: Rob zum "Celeb of the Year" 2011 gewählt

Fr, 30/12/2011 - 11:42 | by GermanTwilighters

Und das zum 2ten Mal in Folge! :) Ja, da werden sich sich die Geister wieder streiten, ob er es verdient hat oder nicht, ne? ;) Aber die Fans haben gevotet, also scheint er es verdient zu haben!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Rob! :D

(Blick 1: "I'm constantly surprised, so thank you very much!"; Blick 2: "Well, yeah, I won, ha!") :-)
E! Online

You Voted! Robert Pattinson Is the E! Celeb of the Year
Sixty-four celebs, five weeks of voting, four fiercely contested brackets and a surprising wild card round later, Robert Pattinson comes out on top.

The great-haired hunk has won the E! Celeb of the Year honor—for the second year in a row!
Team Jacob and Twilight haters can get to steppin' because the evidence is crystal clear: You guys love R.Pattz. And what's even better? Pattinson's competitor for the final round of 2011's tournament was his "sexy goddess" Kristen Stewart. Again. (Kristen hat es also auf Platz 2 geschafft. Letztes Jahr "standen" sich Rob und Kristen im Finale übrigens auch gegenüber. ;))

Here's how it went down:
More than a month ago, we introduced the 64 big-name contenders—Kate Middleton, Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, to name a few—who all had a lot going on this year. (For the record, the new Duchess of Cambridge came super close to grabbing this title.)

So what made Rob stand out above all the pop stars, royals, Oscar winners and warlocks who dominated 2011?

Was it all about the jaw-dropping Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the sparkly vamp's latest blockbuster, which hit theaters last month and is still making bank?
Or was it his bold steps to more challenging roles like Cosmopolis?
Or maybe it was that mind-of-its-own hair?
Or was it just the smooch?

Whatever the case may be, we clearly can't escape the power of Pattinson. Congrats, Rob!
The question remains: What charity will he choose to have E! donate the $25,000 prize? We'll keep you posted.

via E!Online / RPLife

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