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Taylor Lautner, 18 vs. Robert Pattinson, 24

Why Taylor is a Manly Man

Taylor is constantly working out to keep his body rock hard and in-shape.
He believes in chivalry when it comes to dating girls.
He loves watching and participating in all kinds of sports.
He plays a freakin’ werewolf in the Twilight saga! Can you get much manlier?

Why Robert is a Girly Guy

He has a contract with Summit Entertainment that limits him on how he styles his infamous hair.
In his off-time, Robert is a moody musician who writes emotional love songs.
He was a girly looking model when he was younger and was quoted saying, “When I first started, I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got a lot of jobs because during that period the androgynous look was cool.”
He plays a glittery vampire in the Twilight saga. Anything that glitters screams girly!
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